Liah S Thorley  - Writer


(C) 2013 Liah S Thorley; all rights reserved

Emma’s life has never been easy, but with her convict husband transported to Australia, the last seven years have been the hardest of all. Now Jacob’s sentence is at an end and she is faced with a new challenge. 


Little could she know that making the decision to join Jacob in the new world would only be the beginning of an epic journey not only physically but one of deep and tormented emotions. 


Moving to the new world is a bold decision but seven years is a long time to be away from a person. Will Jacob be the same man Emma knew or has her memory of him become rose-tinted over time? Continually riddled with guilt at leaving behind her sixteen year old son, Jack, Emma’s heart is put through the proverbial mangle even further when she meets mysterious schoolteacher Mr Finch.

vicky potteries flemington

Flemmington c 1856 by Samuel Charles Brees

State Library of Victoria.

Vanishing Landscapes of the Potteries by Vicky Mount