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Killer Instinct

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Beneath a tatty shade, a single lamp pierced the room like a yellow knife. An ominous shadow danced over the greying wallpaper behind it. Feeling the tension grasp tightly around her chest Alice reminded herself to breathe. A cool breeze brushed against her neck. Shooting a glance over her shoulder she began to search for an alternate way out.  She knew there was fear etched on her face as she began to feel along the walls for some secret door she knew she wouldn’t find.  Footsteps clunked in the distance. ‘He’s coming, he knows where I am,’ the thoughts were fast and filled with terror.  Something groaned nearby. A slow deep sound made her heart crash against her chest and her senses sharpen.  

  “Molly?” she hissed, daring not to call any louder. She dug around in her pocket and drew out her phone. Hands trembled as footsteps grew closer. Hurriedly she dialled.A scuffle outside. The footsteps stopped. His voice called her name, quiet and taunting.  

  “You can’t get away from me.”  

  She felt the demonic stare of his dark eyes through the door.  

  “Where’s Molly, where’s my sister?” She cried.

  “She’ll be glad of to have some company.” His icy laugh shattered her anger. The hairs on her arms stood on end. A heavy thump.  A fist on wood. The phone connected. She looked down in shock as though she had forgotten she had dialled. A flicker of light caught in her eye and she tried not to react. Another thump, harder and stronger. She lifted the phone to her ear, her voice was tight and strangled.  

   “I’m at the Musgrave house.” The hammering on the door turned to angry violent kicks. “He’s here.  The killer is here,” she sobbed.  

  As the door crashed open she dropped the phone. Her scream thundered through the room like a freight train.

  The camera whizzed back on the dolly.


 (C) 2011 Liah S Thorley, all rights reserved                                             

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