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Liah S Thorley - Author

Hi all, so here's the bit where I have to talk about myself.


I was a dancer and actor from being old enough to step out onto a stage until 2009 when I decided to concentrate on writing. Perhaps not the easiest choice as a dyslexic, but there you go.


I studied performing arts at the Italia Conti Academy and have a degree in (this has to be the longest degree title in the world) The History of Art, Architecture and Design with Applied English Language and Linguistics (see what I mean), from Kingston University. I was co-founder and treasurer of Abingdon Writers Group in Oxfordshire from 2009 to 2017, and have a Masters degree in Early Modern History from the University of Reading.


I love to travel and have spent considerable time in Italy, Australia, the USA, and Malta, where I taught acting and accents. I now live in the seaside town of Scarborough in the UK. As well as writing fiction I am a freelance travel writer, published in various places. My fiction varies from the vampiric and supernatural to the more regular historical drama and romance.  One of my acting teachers used to say I had a grasshopper mind, I guess she was right!

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