Liah S Thorley - Writer

Current Projects

Right now I'm working on three projects.

Working title - Hope's Legacy
A dual narraitive between Hope in late 17th century Salem and her descendant in the 21st century, Asha.
Both are from a long line of druid women whose ancient ancestors had supernatural powers. Though mostly forgotten, some of their ancestral gifts have been passed down through the female line.

Rose Thorn
This exiting project is a dual effort. Co-writing fiction for the first time with my good friend and modern romance writer Gabrielle Aquilina.
Co writing is not the only first for us both with this book. Neither of us have written YA or crime previously either. But the project should be exciting and hopefully interesting for the reader.
Rose Thorn is a murder mystery for the teenage reader. Set in an outdoor retreat during the Easter holidays, rivalry, jealousy and family secrects result in the death of eighteen year old Rose, leaving her family and friends devestated. But who is responsible?

Working title - Diamond Black
Set at the end of the 19th century, Tilly is a young wife with an abusive husband that she needs to escape from. A conventional historical romance, this novel will tell the tale of Tilly's escape to New York where she becomes entangled with a jewel theif. This novel is in the early statges, though has been plotted perhaps more in depth than Hope. At present, Hope is getting more of my attention.