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Hi all, so here's the bit where I have to talk about myself.

Well, what can I tell you? My background isn't exactly the traditional one for a writer and as a dyslexic perhaps it wasn't the easiest choice but there we go, I never was one for taking the easy option. I consider it a hindrance but never a prevention to working. I was a dancer and actor pretty much my whole life, from being old enough to step out onto a stage and pose for a camera right up 'til a few years ago when I decided to concentrate on writing for a while and never looked back.

I studied performing arts at the Italia Conti Academy and also have a degree in (this has to be the longest degree title in the world) The History of Art, Architecture and Design with Applied English Language and Linguistics (see what I mean). Though there was absolutely no design content what so ever and a bit of Film History slipped in instead. I was co-founder and treasurer of Abingdon Writers Group in Oxfordshire from 2009 to 2017, and last year completed a Master in early modern history at the University of Reading.

I love to travel and have spent considerable time in Italy, Australia and the USA and currently live in Malta. I am published as a travel writer in various places, however I also write fiction and the occasional stage/screen play. I have a passion for history of all periods, with a particular fascination for Egyptology, so it seems only natural for me to write historical fiction, though I don't tend to stick to the average. My work goes from the vampiric and supernatural to the more regular drama and romance. One of my acting teachers used to say I had a grasshopper mind, I guess she was right!

My debut novel 'Vampyr Genesis; Hunger of the Gods' is out now in print and e-book with Bathory Gate Press in my Vampiric incarnation J S Thorley and there's plenty more to offer. Hidden Doorways time travel romance is out now in print and ebook via Amazon.