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Kyoto (175)

Dear Reader

Welcome to my website. Please come on in and take a look around.
I hope you enjoy my short stories and the little extracts from my exciting time-slip romance 'Hidden Doorways'; think Elizabeth Bennet with a time machine she can't control and 'Homeward' a Victorian drama with pioneering spirit from the old world to the new. Please check out my entry to the Next Big Thing event for more information.

If you like what you read and want to read more, do call again soon.

This site is for my drama and romance fiction. Please click here
for my supernatural works. Vampyr Genesis; Hunger of the Gods is out now on e-book, available on Amazon, Barns and Nobel and Kobo, published by Bathory Gate Press.
For my travel writing please do google me as my posts are dotted around the web on various travel blogs and magazines.
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